Hamas Can’t Take a (T)rick


On Saturday night, the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced their website had been targeted by a series of cyberattacks since Thursday.

British-Israeli student Emanuel Fabian noticed whoever was behind the cyberattacks had a sense of humor.

The announcement about the attack seemed to blame Israel, and the group stated that they would “continue to shout the voice of truth in the face of criminal occupation [of Israel]”. Additionally, they provided an alternative domain for users to enter, which seems to have the same content as the hacked site.

Al-Qassam warned that the compromised website, which included a donation page, “contained false information, aimed at trapping visitors”.

Yet when visiting the allegedly compromised website (which is now accessible again), clicking on the Al-Qassam logo still links to a Rick Astley song on YouTube called “Together Forever”.

I love it and totally get why they went with the Rick-roll. But I would have preferred to see the hacker link to this song, which seems more appropriate for Hamas.

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