Israel-Based Missionary Group ‘One Israel’ Trashing Judaism to Try Convert Jews


One for Israel is a missionary group operating in Israel, which is trying to bring the message of Jesus to Israelis.

Unlike Shelanu TV, which although also highly objectionable, seemed to be more concentrated on positive messaging about Jesus to the weak and vulnerable, One for Israel is not afraid to fight dirty.

Simply put: they like to trash Judaism.

Last week, they put out this video to show that Judaism is a misogynistic religion.

I asked my friend Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll, one of the founders of the group Chochmat Nashim (which sheds light on societal norms that exclude women and feed extremism), to have a look at the video and provide her thoughts. This is what she had to say:

There is a video going around of women calling attention to the misogynistic views of some rabbis of today & in past. It’s no secret that people held misogynistic views. The video was put together by people who seek to convert Jews to belief in Jesus, Messianic Jews.

Admittedly we have not watched the entire video because, we have no interest in Jesus, but moreover, we understand that quotes taken out of context, liberally translated, or even accurate but used to make a larger point that is simply false, isn’t something we’re interested in.

It is true that people did/do see women in poor ways. It is also true that entire societies felt the same way not long ago. This does not mean that Judaism is a misogynistic religion. There are issues that must be dealt with, there are injustices in the system that must be fixed.

But overall, Judaism sees women as full human beings, and it is up to us to help the system work better in the ways it fails. Many of these issues are still societal issues, blaming rabbis will not help. And for those rabbis who do see women that way? Well, that’s why we’re here.

So, if you see this video, please, remember these are not women who are seeking to make the system better for you, they are seeking to bring you to Jesus. Caveat Emptor

Message to One Israel and other such groups who profess to support Israel yet try to  convert Jews to Christianity or other religions: Don’t. We do not want or need your support if that is the price tag for it. Your religions are all based on ours, so at the very least you should learn more to understand how no observant Jew can come to believe in what you do when it comes to Jesus. It is prohibited and not borne out of the Bible if you bother to read it in Hebrew.

Concentrate on yourselves to become good people. Judaism believes good people – Jew or non-Jew – can reach heaven. But those who try to convert us and thus destroy us spiritually risk their own eternalness.

I for one will continue to fight and expose such missionaries like I do the antisemites. Because destroying us spiritually is still destroying us.

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