Actor-Comedian Corey Holcomb Latest “Celebrity” to Get His Antisemitism On


DJ Vlad, is a Jewish American interviewer, journalist, director and former DJ who runs video and news website

He recently interviewed on his YouTube channel American actor, political commentator, radio host, author and stand-up comedian D.L Hughley . The subject of antisemite Louis Farrakhan came up and this is what Vlad had to say.

DJ Vlad later removed this part from the final interview cut, explaining why in this tweet

but not before triggering an American comedian, radio host and actor called Corey Holcomb, who could not contain his inner Jew-hater.

Language warning.

If you hear the entire rant it sounds like jealousy is once again a motivating factor behind the rant. But no doubt Holcomb has also been brainwashed by his hero Black Hitler.

Either way, I am sick of this already.

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