Roger Waters Defends Islamic Jihad Terrorist


Antisemite Roger Waters wants everyone to know he has never had an antisemitic thought in his entire life, nor has “an antisemitic bone in his body.” Which is why, I am guessing, he prefaced his latest anti-Israel post with a “some of my best friends are Jewish” rambling introduction.

Screenshot in case deleted

But more importantly is the story about palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras he posted, from anti-Israel schmatte 972 Magazine.

A Palestinian administrative detainee is facing mortal danger as he entered his 73rd day of a hunger strike in an Israeli hospital on Wednesday.

Maher al-Akhras, 49, is currently hospitalized in Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv in the center of the country, where he has refused all medical treatment and is only accepting water.

Al-Akhras, a father of six from the village of Silat al-Dahr in the northern occupied West Bank, was arrested on July 28, allegedly on charges of belonging to Islamic Jihad. On Aug. 7, he was put in administrative detention for four months. He has been on hunger strike since the day of his arrest. Al-Akhras was brought to Kaplan Medical Center on Sept. 6 after his condition worsened.

Note how he is in an Israeli hospital. Lucky him that Roger does not advocate boycotting it.

The report implies that Al-Akhras belonging to Islamic Jihad is just an unfounded allegation.

Try telling that to Islamic Jihad who have him listed as one of their own

and have a photo of him with their flag on their site

Waters wants people to believe he does his research and on the basis of that, holds the views that he has.

Yet people like me can very quickly Google the truth about this so-called “innocent hunger-striking prisoner.”

I have an “A” word for someone who constantly bashes Israel with scant regard for the truth, while defending palestinian terrorists.

Ok, two “A” words.

Hat tip: Michal

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