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Released Islamic Jihad Terrorist Maher al-Akhras Hospitalized With Covid-19

Remember Maher al-Akhras, the Islamic Jihad terrorist who was imprisoned by Israel but released following a campaign by Israel-haters far and wide, including Roger Waters?

Epic Translation Fail of the Day

Thanks to Facebook for the priceless translation of this Shehab News Agency post

Electronic Intifada Writer Stupidly Proves That Prisoner is Islamic Jihad Terrorist…In Piece Implying He’s...

Tamara Nassar of Ali "Abunimation" Abunimah's Electronic Intifada has written a vile piece defending hunger-striking Islamic Jihad terrorist Maher al-Akhras

Roger Waters Writes ‘Letter’ to Israel’s Defense Minister to Release Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Yesterday, antisemite Roger Waters published on Facebook this "letter" to Benny Gantz

Roger Waters Defends Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Waters defends Maher al-Akhras
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