Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Addresses ‘Very Serious Matter’ of Maron Khoury’s ‘Unacceptable’ Online Behavior


A little over a week ago, I posted Israeli-Arab virtuoso flutist Maron Khoury’s social media behavior, which included vile anti-Israel comments and even liking some questionable comments relating to Jews.

A reader contacted the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra – where became the youngest musician to join (at age 20) – and they responded thus:

Thank you for your emails and please be assured that the very serious matter you alerted us to was reported to the senior management team at the Metropolitan Opera immediately.

The complaint you made was investigated and addressed.

Per Met policy, I am not privy to nor able to provide further detail on the specific outcomes of personnel investigations.

Thank you for bringing this unacceptable behavior to our attention.

While they are not giving away how they dealt with Khoury, their video of him that I included in my previous post is no longer available.

I checked his Facebook wall to see if there were any clues as to how the MET Opera handled him, but there weren’t. I did see this, though:

For someone who has shown such hatred towards Israel, he sure seems like he is looking forward to coming back.

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