A Holocaust Survivor’s Daughter is Suspended by Facebook For Pointing Out Antisemitism

My name is Yochy Davis and I’m active on line sharing the truth about a Israel.

This happened to me a few days ago..

As a holocaust survivor’s daughter, I can’t stay silent when I see injustice. So when I was sent the most horrendous tweet, I posted a snapshot of it and a link to the tweet, with the question ⁉️“How is this allowed”⁉️

Within seconds, Facebook suspended me without them even willing to listen.

My Facebook page The Truth was also restricted.

I am disgusted with Facebook silencing individuals sharing the truth. Meanwhile, the offending tweet stayed online until the next day.

I’m hoping this story will be published and shared as we just can’t be silenced.

The time before, I was banned for even a more shocking reason, but Facebook did apologize. Yet the ban was not lifted.

As a pro-Israel activist, I find myself and many of my activists friends being silenced on social media.

We all have our rights to our opinions, yet the platforms are doing all they can to shut us up.


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