Palestinian Doctor Facing Terrorism Charges in Scotland Suspended from Practicing Medicine


Dr Issam Hijjawi aka Dr Issam Basalat, the Chair of Association of Palestinian Communities in Scotland facing terrorism charges in relation to his attendance of a New IRA meeting, has been suspended from practicing medicine while the criminal investigation in to his activities is ongoing.

An Israellycool reader contacted the General Medical Council of the UK, to make sure they were aware of Hijjawi/Basalat’s shenanigans. The GMC Investigation Officer involved responded:

Our investigation is still continuing.

In cases where there is a live criminal investigation we place our investigation on hold pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. We monitor the investigation and liaise with the police and courts regularly. In the meantime whilst the criminal investigation is ongoing we have to consider whether there is a risk to patient safety and public interest, and if we feel this may be the case then we can apply for interim restrictions to be placed on the doctor.

We made such an application in this case and Dr Bassalat was yesterday given an interim suspension from practising. This suspension is subject to regular review, but any one can view the current status on the List of Registered Medical Practitioners page of our website, by using the following link.

In the case of Dr Bassalat he has not yet been convicted of any offence and we will continue to monitor the police investigation.

Sure enough if you try searching for him on the GMC site, you get bupkis

whereas this is what you got before

It certainly has not been a great year for Israel-hating and antisemitic doctors.

Hat tip: Michal

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