Roger Waters’ Hypocrisy Again on Full Display


Antisemitic rock’n’roll BDShole Roger Waters is getting behind the Shinnecock Nation

In 1959, the State of New York granted itself a permanent easement over a portion of the land at West Woods for the purposes of constructing Sunrise Highway. This easement was an illegal taking in violation of the Non-Intercourse Act absent any expressed permission of the United States Congress. In 2019, the Shinnecock Nation announced plans to build two 61 foot monuments to the Shinnecock Nation in the highway easement area on land known to be Indian Land. In response, Jay Schneiderman, supervisor of the Town of Southampton, engaged in protests along with a handful of residents of the local senior center. The Town of Southampton issued a stop work order to the Shinnecock Nation, which the Shinnecock Nation disregarded. Next, the New York State Police began to harass the Shinnecock Nation’s work crew and told the workers that they faced deportation if they continued to assist the Shinnecock in building their monument.

At that time, the Warriors of the Sunrise formed a protective circle around the Shinnecock workers to protect them from harassment and deportation. The Warriors of the Sunrise were successful in the efforts to construct the first of the two monument signs. Upon completion of the first sign, the State of New York sought a temporary restraining order against the Shinnecock Nation. The State requested that the judge order the monument to be removed. The Judge denied the request and made it clear that Shinnecock has a right to conduct economic development on its land. The Judge also called a vacated 2007 case that New York State relies on to restrict Shinnecock’s attempts at economic development questionable. New York maintains that Shinnecock Nation does not own its land at West Woods, an assertion the judge told the state they would not be able to prove. Shinnecock has always called West Woods home. West Woods is the aboriginal territory of the Shinnecock Nation.

Despite this, New York maintains its baseless lawsuit against the Shinnecock Nation in an attempt to strangle the Nation’s attempts to engage in economic development in order to meet the basic housing, education, and food needs of its tribal members.

Roger Waters is a huge hypocrite.

As I exposed a few years ago, he directly benefits from Shinnecock burial land.

Roger Waters lives in the Hamptons: 229 Quimby Lane Bridgehampton, NY to be exact.

He lives approximately 16.8KM from the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (200 Tuckahoe Rd, Southampton, NY).

And why is this relevant? From the Wikipedia page of the Shinnecock Indian Nation

In 2005 the nation filed a land claim against New York seeking the return of 3,500 acres (14 km²) in Southampton located near the tribe’s reservation, and billions of dollars in reparations for damages suffered by colonial land grabs. The disputed property is worth $1 billion and includes the Shinnecock Hills Golf Clubwhich Shinnecock say is the location of traditional tribal burial grounds.

And even if he doesn’t live within the exact area (it is hard for me to tell), he at least lives right next to it, and has benefited from these “occupied territories”

Bill Clinton partied with rock stars including Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters in the Hamptons Friday night while wife Hillary Clinton sat home baby-sitting their granddaughter.

When Waters arrived, he was the first rocker to bond with Clinton, inviting the ex-president to play golf with him at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club and the National Golf Links.

If the Shinnecock nation lose the lawsuit, perhaps Roger can donate his backyard to them so they can build their monument there.

Yeah, this will never get old:

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