Hamas Boycotts Dairy Products…From the PA Controlled Territories


You read that right: Hamas is boycotting PA goods

(auto-translation follows)

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Committees, Eng. Azmi Al-Shyoukhi, said that Hamas’ banning dairy products from the West Bank entering into the Gaza Strip is a “terrible crime” aimed at perpetuating division.

Al-Shukyoukhi explained that Hamas preventing dairy products from the West Bank into the Gaza Strip violates the consumer’s right to choose, and affects health, food, economic and Palestinian national security, and contributes to doubling the blockade imposed by the occupation on the people of the Strip.

He stressed that preventing the entry of goods from the West Bank into the Gaza Strip represents a form of tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip, perpetuating the division and separating the Gaza Strip from the rest of the territories of the Palestinian state, stressing the importance of the unity of our people and our land and the need to strengthen national, economic, social, geographical and demographic unity to face challenges, dangers and programs Annexation, settlement, Judaization, the so-called deal of shame, and the plight of the Sahara century.

In the same context, the Palestinian Popular Committees condemned the Hamas movement banning the entry of products of national companies from the West Bank into the Gaza Strip under the pretext of “protecting the local product” in a clear distinction between national products in the two parts of the country, and what this means in terms of devoting political division and tendency towards geographical separation. This is an irresponsible and unpatriotic step that only serves the scheme to separate Gaza from the homeland.

it’s almost like 1945 all over again

But not quite.

But wait, if Hamas are banning dairy products from the PA controlled territories, then where will Gazans get their dairy products from?

Oh, never mind.

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