Genocide-Supporting Lawyer Farhad Khorasani Doubles Down

A few days ago, I exposed antisemitic posts of Farhad Khorasani, an Iranian-American international lawyer, including those calling for a “new Hitler” and for Iran to wipe Israel off the map.

Khorasani has now responded to the outrage over them with a new Instagram post. But don’t think it is an apology.

He is doubling down.

Farhad Khorasani post
Screenshot in case post deleted

Holocaust awareness: Many members of the community have expressed deep concern about recent articles of Zionist-Israeli newspapers on me, which contained extremely Iranophobic, racist, & Islamophobic statements that clearly libel and incite violence against me. I am exploring all possible next steps, including law suits to be taken regarding this matter. I want to thank @statebarca for investigating the clear misconducts and violations of the State Bar Act of a few of fellow Jeiwsh California Bar members, including Matthew Jordan Singer, and Samantha Elizabeth Johnson who tried to defame me & incite violence against me. I have been reached out by many in the community including the Alt-right communities, to offer me support and applauding me for “telling the truth in a world of lies,” & “calling out the zionists for their crimes against humanity,” based on the Jewish media articles. They also relayed to me that “we need more attorneys like you in CA,” and called on GOP to “come 2024 & put [me] in the ballot if [they] want [their] vote,” & to “make [me] president now because the white people can’t do the job,” & asked me “what is the solution to this problem?” And that “it takes a courageous man to speak out against zionists in the USA.” I also received many messages asking me to run for President, as I already have their votes. Some of these people relayed to me they have to remain anonymous out of fear of loosing their jobs. Aren’t we living in the USA, where you have 1st amendment right to free speech, or is this occupied Palestine where you get killed for speaking up? I also received hate speech, and threats from a few ignorants in the Jewish community which I have filed a police report for. Ironic the people that are committing genocide on a daily basis accuse me of calling for it, except I have never posted or called for genocide of any people, as I have frequently spoken out against the ongoing Holocaust of six million Palestinians at the hands of the genocidal Israeli government, & have said never again to the Holocaust of millions of Iranians during World War One at the hands of the English. #FarhadKhorasani #FarKhorasani #IranianHolocaust

I am not aware of any articles that “contained extremely Iranophobic, racist, & Islamophobic statements that clearly libel and incite violence against” him. Mine certainly didn’t, but he is welcome to try sue me.

Note how he denies ever calling for genocide, despite the fact we have screenshots of his posts doing just that.

As for convincing people that the accusations against him are false, I wouldn’t have thought mentioning support from the alt-right, speaking of the Jewish media, or accusing Israel of a Holocaust of 6 million palestinians (not just a grotesque lie, but clearly meant to elicit comparisons with the Holocaust of the Jewish people) would disabuse people of that notion.

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