Linda Sarsour Strikes Again With Her Breathtaking Hypocrisy


Anila Ali, who describes herself as a “Centrist Democrat & President & Founder of American Muslim Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council, recently responded to Marc Lamont Hill’s defense of BDS – politely and with something called facts.

Anila Ali tweet to Marc Lamont Hill

She’s absolutely correct. For instance, remember the Sodastream debacle?

But, just like facts don’t care about your feelings, Marc Lamont Hill does not care about facts.

Marc Lamont Hill tweet to Anila Ali

Note how she mentions “hundreds of thousands” and he claims to have spoken with “many” of them. I doubt this “many” amounts to even 50 people.

Enter Linda Sarsour, who cannot resist sticking her snout in.

Linda Sarsour tweet to Marc Lamont Hill

Note a lynchpin of her argument: “she is not palestinian so will not speak for palestinians.”

Funny how where Sarsour is concerned, this applies to palestinians, and not Jews.


Update: Surely she’s a parody account.

linda sarsour twitter timeline

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