Al Abunimah Gets Sloppy & Conflates Jews With Zionists


As I have posted before, Electronic Intifada founder “the Abumination” Ali Abunimah is an antisemite. And I don’t use that word lightly – I have plenty of receipts.

True, he denies it and mostly tries to hide it. But all too often, he gets sloppy.

Like a few days ago, with these tweets:

ali abunimah tweet

Note how Abunimah starts with the premise that “Zionists” define something as antisemitic, and then continues to say “Zionists” define what Zionism is.

A further indication that he messed up: it is a well known refrain among proud Jews that only Jews should get to define what antisemitism is. This is especially true at a time when the haters and antisemites are railing against the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.  Literally no-one has said or is saying that “only Zionists get to define what Zionism is.” It has not been part of the conversation.

In other words, Abunimah has clearly and inadvertently interchanged the notions of antisemitism and anti-Zionism and, by extension, “Jews” and “Zionists.”

It looks like he forgot his own cardinal rule:

Gild Atzmon screenshot of Ali Abunimah

But what do you expect from the same evil mind that defends China, including from credible charges of genocide against the Uighurs?

ali abunimah tweet China

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