Latest Libel: Settlers Disguised as Police Robbed Palestinian Arab Store Owner


Over a week ago, Israel-haters were disseminating the following video of thieves disguised as police officers, robbing a palestinian Arab. Naturally, the haters referred to the thieves as “Israeli settlers”, because all evil must come from the Joooooos.

thieves video
Screenshot in case tweet deleted

Now Israel’s Kann News has reported they were from the town of A-Tur, an overwhelmingly Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem.

Kann news tweet

Theoretically, they could still have been Jewish, since Jews do live in A-Tur.

However, this footage of the suspects being arrested by Israeli police shows Arabic on the walls:



In other words, it is almost certain the thieves were Arabs, and not Jewish (what the haters call “settlers”) at all.

But don’t expect any apology or retraction. The haters achieved their purpose of demonizing Jews, and have already moved on to the next libel.

Hat tip: mokwi8 and kweansmom

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