Israel Accuses Iran of Environmental Terrorism

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel has blamed one of the worst ecological disasters in Israel in decades on Iran, calling it an act of environmental terrorism.

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Photo courtesy of Israel National Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel on Wednesday blamed a Libyan “pirate ship” that sailed from Iran for a massive oil spill that has polluted most of Israel’s Mediterranean beaches.

Gamliel called the oil leak, which has been described as Israel’s worst ecological disaster in decades, an act of “environmental terrorism.” She suggested the spill was orchestrated by Iran.

“Iran is initiating terrorism not only with nuclear weapons and efforts to entrench itself on our borders. Iran is initiating terrorism by harming the environment,” Gamliel wrote on Twitter.

She added: “Our fight against pollution and harming the environment is a cross-border fight.”

Let’s just take a moment to empathize with the real victims of this disaster…

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David Lange

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