Linda Sarsour is a Coward…By Her Own Logic


There are a few certainties in life. As you know, death and taxes are the main ones, but I would also include Linda Sarsour showing herself to be a huge hypocrite.

In the latest example of this, this is how she responded to Israel-haters IfNotNow, after they vilified Adam Milstein, a wonderful Israel advocate and philanthropist who correctly called them out as the “As a Jew” useful idiots they really are.

linda sarsour coward

Funny she should say that.

Linda Sarsour tweet

Sarsour has had me blocked for a long time; I believe it might be after this tweet:

Using her own logic, she is a coward.

Meanwhile, she has retweeted another as-a-Jew useful idiot’s antisemitic tweet referring to the all powerful “Israel lobby” getting non-Jews to “sell out”

linda sarsour retweet

But of course she is not an antisemite. She can’t be. She is not a right-wing, White supremacist.

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