Antisemite Alison Chabloz Jailed After Ridiculous Defense Falls Flat


A few days ago, Jew-hating blogger Alison Chabloz was jailed for illegally posting to her blog. This was in breach of the terms of her suspended sentence from last year, when she was convicted for writing and uploading to YouTube three songs mocking the Holocaust.

As one of the first people to expose this gutter specimen,  I welcome the decision, although eight weeks in jail and a fine of £175 will hardly reform her.

However, there are a number of aspects of the Daily Mail report on her conviction to which I would like to draw special attention.

Firstly, she is really really dumb.

Today, Chesterfield Magistrates Court heard that Chabloz had breached the order by posting to her personal blog, despite advice from probation officers not to do so.

The CPS highlighted three specific breaches of the order, but Chabloz herself admitted posting to the website more than 50 times.

Giving evidence to the court, Chabloz said she did not feel she was breaching the order as she believed her blog, hosted by WordPress, was distinct from social media.

She said: ‘I understood the order to mean social media platforms as they are generally accepted to be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, not a personal website.’

Chabloz, of Glossop, Derbyshire, told the court she didn’t post to Twitter or Facebook, or upload to YouTube, during the time she was banned.

She also argued that because she disabled the comments on her blog, there was no ‘social interaction’ between herself and people who viewed the content.

The court heard that the blog is Chabloz’s sole source of income as it allows people to donate if they like her content.

When prosecutor Ian Shaw asked Chabloz if she considered people donating to her ‘interaction’, she replied: ‘It’s not really social interaction.’

Chabloz added: ‘On Facebook and Twitter, people can see the replies.’

Steven Brown, of the probation service, told the court he had advised Chabloz not to post to the website.

But, he added, she was ‘quite forthright’ that she did not believe the order included her blog.

Secondly, it looks like her parents were either lying last time, or blood is thicker than water and they are also rather thick:

Chabloz appeared in court supported by her parents and four far-right sympathisers.

But this is from my previous post on her:

She has been jobless since 2014 when she was ordered off a cruise ship where she worked – and was forced to move into the home of her parents, Leslie and Audrey Tyrer, in Charlesworth, Derbyshire.

But Mr Tyrer, 78, a retired insurance broker, told MailOnline that he had kicked her out several months ago.

‘I have no contact with her,’ he said. ‘The last thing I want in life is my 50-odd-year-old daughter getting in contact with me. She used to live here at the family home but doesn’t now.’

And finally: what a coincidence! So-called palestinian supporters who happen to be cavorting with a known Jew-hater.


By the way, two of the others pictured were her bandmates:


One had previously claimed:

Ralph Smethurs, one of her two former bandmates, said that he ‘wouldn’t touch her with a bargepole’.

‘She is highly manipulative and controlling, and she has daft views,’ he said.

‘She said she seriously suspected the earth was flat. We tried to turn a deaf ear but we couldn’t ignore it. She’s crackers. It’s a shame because we had a good sound.’

It looks like her ‘daft views’ were probably what bonded them to begin with.

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media