Neo Nazi Numbskulls Doing it All Wrong

We already know antisemites are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

These Australian ones are certainly not doing anything to change that perception.

nazisAn Australian Neo-Nazi group used social media platform Gab to call on members to “seduce sexy Melbourne Jewesses” and “breed out the Jewish race with Alpha Aryan Australian POWER,” according to the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC).

The NSN post states that the organization wants “every honorable white man, national socialist, Klansman, skinhead, racist, out on the town for Operation Ashkenazi Strange.”

It shows three men, with their faces covered, holding a whiteboard with instructions telling followers to go clubbing in Jewish areas and seduce Jewish women to “breed” with.

Clearly, these brainiacs did not get the memo that children of a Jewish mother are Jewish. Which means in the very unlikely event they managed to convince a Jewess to “breed” with them, their genius plan would serve to only increase the number of Jews in the world.

I say “unlikely event”, because let’s face it, these numbskulls invariably looking inbred (when they decide to take off those masks covering their brave faces), and cannot possibly rely on any kind of charm to seduce a Jewish woman.

The sign also tells followers that they “need consent” because “rape doesn’t count (also illegal),” “if a man won’t f**k he won’t fight,” and “Jewish women don’t like our views. Don’t talk about Hitler for three hours.”

By the way, here’s the post in question:

nazi post

These morons cannot even spell Heil Hitler properly.

The funny thing is, they honestly believe they are the superior race. Yet, when it comes to intelligence, they are beneath even thumb tacks.

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