Pro-Israel Social Media Storm TODAY – #RightToSelfDefense

Rockets fired at your citiesDozens of pro-Israel organizations and influencers are planning an unprecedented social media storm today at 9am (NY time)/ 4pm (IL time) focusing on Israel’s right to defend itself.

The coordinated effort which will mainly focus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will start exactly an hour before the UN Security Council is scheduled to discuss the Israeli-Gaza situation.

Israel has been receiving relatively wide support from the U.S. and Biden administration to continue the operation against the Hamas terror organization. Israeli has also received support from the German, Austrian and Czech governments, who flew the Israeli flag on official buildings. European leaders who spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu lately, like French President Emmanuel Macron, have shown support for Israel’s right to self-defense.

If you want to join the social media storm you can use content from:

The details:
#RightToSelfDefense & #IsraelUnderFire
9AM NY, 2PM UK, 3PM France, 4 PM Israel (May 16)


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