Jewish Israel-Hater Brian Keisling Supports Vandalism of Synagogues

How low can some Jews go?

That is a rhetorical question I keep asking myself as I see time and again Jews (or, more accurately, Jews-in-name-only) actively working towards the dismantling of the world’s only Jewish state, even going so far as to side with actual terrorists.

I am speaking primarily, but not exclusively, of those who belong to organizations like IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace, who seem to express no pride in their Judaism except as a way to act as a “beard” for actual antisemites.

I go back to my original question: How low can some Jews go?

In the case of Brian Keisling, it seems the answer is “really low.”

A self-described “Jewish atheist”, Brian seems to have no problem calling out “Christian” antisemitism or objecting to comparing Jews to Nazis.


But strangely, when a Jewish business Manny’s was recently vandalized, our mild-mannered Pennsylvania Department of Revenue employee jumped in to defend….the vandalism!







The 2019 article to which Keisling links justifies the boycott of Manny’s on the basis of the owner’s Zionism and “gentrification.”

Located on the ground-floor of a low-income housing complex, on one of the busiest intersections in San Francisco’s Mission District, the website of Manny’s explains its reason for existing: to be a place that serves tapas with a side “of learning, of conversation, of organizing and of social change.”

However, activists with roots in the neighborhood — who have protested outside Manny’s every Wednesday night since it opened its doors — believe its mission is just a way of dressing up the ugly truth around the politics of the place. In their eyes, it’s a business that further gentrifies a neighborhood where evictions and homelessness are increasing, with an owner who supports Zionism — the nationalist movement in Israel that props up the occupation of Palestine.

In any event, even if you believe this has nothing to do with Manny’s Judaism, Keisling has no problem with vandalizing a business to object to the owner’s political beliefs.

But it does not end there; he also has no problem with the vandalizing of synagogues:


That’s right: he also thinks the US is genocidal, despite living his life comfortable there, free to espouse his vile views.

I am not sure he views Hamas the same way, though:



Meanwhile, I wonder if he would be in favor of vandalizing this synagogue?

keisling synagogue

Did I mention that this justifier of vandalism used to be an English teacher? (teacher of the month, no less)

keisling award

He certainly won’t be winning awards for being a good Jew, let alone for being a good person.

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