Delegation of Iranian Expatriates to Visit Israel

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, this might just be the first visit to Israel by an Iranian delegation:

The Cyrus Accords-inspired trip organized by the Institute for Voices of Liberty seeks to renew ancient ties between Iranians and Israelis

A delegation of Iranian expatriates, including former political prisoners, will travel to Israel July 19-22 to stand in solidarity with Israeli citizens after the recent attacks by Islamic Republic of Iran-sponsored terrorist groups. The historic mission, organized by the Institute for Voices of Liberty (iVOL), also seeks to rekindle millenia-old ties between the people of Iran and Israel in defiance of the Islamic Republic’s ongoing genocidal anti-Semitism.

The iVOL delegation will be joined by several former senior U.S. government officials, including Victoria Coates, Ellie Cohanim, Len Khodorkovsky, and Adam Lovinger. Members of the group—most of whom will be travelling to Israel for the first time—will meet with Israelis of diverse backgrounds and religions during their visit to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and a number of other locations near the Gaza and Syrian borders targeted by the regime in Iran and its terrorist proxies.

The Honorable Bijan R. Kian, member of iVOL’s Board of Directors, said, “The Institute for Voices of Liberty exists to reflect the voices of freedom-seeking Iranians. We organized this historic mission to Israel to show the solidarity of free Iranians with the people of Israel, and to separate freedom-seeking people of Iran from the criminal, inept, and corrupt regime that has forced itself upon them. We come to Israel in the spirit of Cyrus the Great, remembering our ancient bond of friendship and looking forward to building a better future, and strengthening the relationships between the people of Israel and the people of Iran in tomorrow’s free Iran.”

“Last summer, the Abraham Accords demonstrated the growing potential for peace in the Middle East, and resulted in greater security and prosperity for Israel and several Muslim-majority neighbors. The people of Iran deserve to participate in the resulting security and prosperity as well, despite the hostile, anti-Semitic policies of the regime in Tehran,” said Victoria Coates, former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor. “iVOL was one of the earliest advocates for the Cyrus Accords, a future peace deal between a democratic Iran and the Jewish state of Israel inspired by Cyrus the Great. This iVOL mission is an important step toward realizing that vision, once the Islamic Republic joins so many other ruthless, authoritarian regimes on the ash heap of history.”

More here, including an interview between Ellie Cohanim, former US Deputy Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism, and Faisal Assegaf from

How about responses from Israeli side and regime in Iran about this visit?

No response from Iranian regime as far as we know but feel free to call them for comment!

The israeli Foreign ministry is welcoming the visit and will be Meeting with the delegation.

A great reminder as to how the Israeli and Iranian people are not enemies; rather the Iranian regime is the enemy of not just the Israeli people but all freedom-loving people.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media