Linda Sarsour’s Recollection of Sept 11 Does Not Hold Water

With the 20th anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks approaching, has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to interview Linda Sarsour about her life following that fateful day.

As expected, Sarsour does not speak about the trauma of the event from the point of view of comprehending the huge loss of life, let alone at the hands of some of her co-religionists. Instead, this is peak Linda, speaking solely of how this event affected her and her fellow Muslims.

The only part Sarsour looks like she is almost going to to cry is when she describes how people were looking at Muslims with suspicion. Not at the idea of thousands of innocent people being murdered.

To be perfectly honest, I do not even believe everything Sarsour is saying. Take the beginning part, where she reminds us “there was no Twitter, there was no Facebook, there was no way to get information as quickly as we get it right now.” She admits that “All we knew from our security officer was that a plane hit a building.” Yet she continues to describe how on her walk home, she noticed the mosques gate was down and her mother ran out of the house without a hijab. In other words, she is describing the fear of reprisals against Muslims. Yet how did they know fellow Muslims were behind the attack(s), given her admission that “there was no way to get information as quickly as we get it right now?”

As I posted back in 2017 in reaction to a Sarsour speech about Sept 11 in which she mentioned something similar

FYI, a friend of mine who spends alot of time with 9/11 victims very much doubts Sarsour’s story that when she came home on 9/11, her mom was too scared to wear a hijab – nobody knew what was going on that day and it hadn’t been pinned on Muslims

This contradiction in her story reaffirms the likelihood she is lying.

Which again, is peak Linda.

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