Palestinian Authority’s Dairy Vile And Awkward Campaign

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed the PA Ministry of Education’s latest hate campaign against Israel.

The PA Ministry of Education is intensifying its hate campaign against Israel. Using graphic and grisly pictures it trumpets the libel that Israel deliberately murders Palestinian children, and then warns children that buying Israeli products will finance their own murder.

Pictures posted by the PA Ministry of Education from its boycott campaigns at PA schools, include signs that teach kids that Israeli goods are “lethal” and that buying them will finance Israel’s killing of Palestinian children.

In the ad above, a young boy drinks an Israeli dairy product and as a result has his brains blown out by a bullet. The text on the ad warns: “Beware! Lethal Israeli goods.” The ad was included on a poster at a PA school as part of the PA’s campaign to boycott all Israeli goods. The PA Ministry of Education endorsed both the campaign and the use of this and other images by posting photos from the boycott campaigns at the PA schools.

“Let’s boycott the dairy products of [Israeli company] Tnuva and its sister companies. Let’s boycott the products of the occupation”

Besides being vile incitement and ever-so-damaging to those young children’s psyches, this is also….awkward.

The mayor of Beit Jala, a small Christian town in the West Bank, north of Bethlehem, revealed on Wednesday that he was also employed by a prominent Israeli dairy company as a sales representative, to the outrage of several BDS groups.

The town’s mayor, Nicola Khamis, admitted on Palestinian TV broadcaster Watten that in addition to mayoral duties, he works for Tnuva, a food processing cooperative that specializes in milk and dairy, reported the Times of Israel.

“I’m a representative of the Tnuva company,” remarked Khamis in the interview, responding to running speculation and conjecture that his employment has affected his popularity. “I’m like any Palestinian citizen, like anyone from Palestine who goes out to work in settlements. We built their settlements, we built their houses, we paved their roads, we worked in their homes. This is our situation. All the people are seeking to earn a living.”

And not just for the major and all the other palestinian Arabs employed by Israeli dairy companies.

I’m also guessing the Palestinian Ministry of Labor was not consulted over this campaign.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media