Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Returns to Attacking “Zionists”…And Yours Truly

Last time I wrote about unhinged Jew-hater Ariyana Love, she promised she was “not going to be bashing Zionists anymore because I’ve got to start working with some Jewish doctors to bring forth game changing revelations about the vaxxine weapons system.”

Alas, some habits die hard. Love cannot help herself.

For Love, the struggle is real!

And of course what would attacking “Zionists” be without the mandatory post attacking yours truly?

In the post, Love continues to insist I work for a company I never worked for because “There’s no proof that Lange is no longer working for SAP Israel”, while at the same time “work for the Israeli state” while running my blog all day long. Talk about good time management! She also claims I have a thing for assaulting “single women and children”:

SAP Israel has been stalking me for 3 years across social media platforms. SAP Israel employee David Lange works for the Israeli state and runs a blog called israellycool, where he assaults pro-Palestinian Human Rights campaigners, single women and children, all day long for a living.

In a textbook case of projection, she then accuses me of libel:

SAP Israel’s website “” has written 20 libelous public blogs accusing me of hating Jews and of anti-Jewish speech, which is a viscous lie.

By the way, “viscous” means “sticky, gluey” – my true accusations against Love should very well stick!

Love continues to claim she does not hate Jews, by pointing to a fringe group of nuts called True Torah Jews:

I have never been racist and I have never hated Jews. In fact, I love Jews and I stand in solidarity with the True Torah Jews who’s mission is to “Inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews”.

Lange is trying to convince you that Judaism and Zionism is one but he is a dirty, rotten liar. Zionism has never belonged to Judaism! Zionism has never been a part of Judaism! The True Torah Jews who represent Authentic World Judaism always opposed Zionism, since it’s inception 100 years ago. Authentic World Jews have always opposed the Israeli state and the notion of a Jewish state, which is strictly forbidden in Judaism.

Love is as much an expert on Judaism as she is a doctor. She also seems to have forgotten she herself cannot tell Jews and “Zionists” apart:

She later goes on to remind us of her vile Jew hatred when she writes “Zionists have always been allied with Nazis.”

Love also calls me a “terrorist,” a “predator” and implies I am also a hacker (“while I was writing this article and on Lange’s website, I was hacked”). She claims my “libelous blogs have cost Human Rights activists and single females their livelihood and their homes.”

Here’s my challenge to Ariyana Love. Try suing me, I dare you. While everything I have written about you is 100% true, I would love to counter-sue you into bankruptcy for your very real libels of me.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media