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Jew-Hater Ariyana Love’s Latest Claims Against Me

Remember how a few days ago Jew-hater Ariyana Love claimed this website was backed by "grade 4 military protection" (whatever that is)?

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Claims Israellycool “Backed by Grade 4 Military Protection”

Weeks after claiming I am a "key IT player in defending the Israeli state" who "likes to infiltrate Anonymous from sock puppet accounts," she has now decided my site is backed by the IDF

Antisemite Ariyana Love Claims I Am Dr Evil

I'll have what she's having.

Two Antisemites Bite the Dust (Online At Least)

The wins keep coming

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love: I am Not Racist, I Used to Sit Next to Africans...

We already knew that Jew-hater Ariyana Love was not self-aware. But this lack of self awareness is hilariously bad, even by her standards

Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Latest Video Rant About Me: “We Need to Silence This Guy”

Antisemite Ariyana Love continues to lose sleep over the fact I have disseminated her antisemitic and genocidal comments to hundreds of thousands of people (if not more)

Antisemite Ariyana Love Tries to Sic International Hacktivist Group Anonymous on to Me

It would seem that unhinged Jew-hater Ariyana Love has it in for me

Ariyana Love in New, Horrendous Antisemitic Rant; Agrees With Comment Calling for Extermination of...

Raving lunatic and Jew-hater Ariyana Love has gone on yet another Facebook video rant against the Jooooooos

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Used Fake Photos for Fundraising Campaign For Gaza Children

Ariyana Love, the Jew-hater who thought it was a good idea to attack me and my late wife, spreading outright libels about us, is clearly a dishonest person lacking a moral compass. And here's yet further proof.

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Targets Me and My Late Wife in New Libelous Post

Over two years after I exposed her Jew-hatred, antisemite Ariyana Love continues to libel me and my late wife.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Nazi-Level Dehumanization of Jews

Ariyana Love denies she is antisemitic right after posting a video with one of the vilest antisemitic diatribes you may ever hear.

Jew-Hater-In-Denial Ariyana Love Caught Disseminating More Antisemitism

So strong is her hatred of the Jewish people, she can't resist posting things that are obviously antisemitic

Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Week Just Got Worse

Mere days after I exposed her stupidity in posting a video of her interview with a palestinian who blamed most of Gaza's ills on Hamas and not Israel, things have continued to go pear-shaped for antisemite Ariyana Love.

Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Interview With a Palestinian Goes Horribly Wrong For Her

Love recently interviewed a BDS-hole by the name of Younes Arar, who she invited on to bitch about Israel. Bad move.


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