CAIR and Linda Sarsour’s Phony Solidarity Over Congregation Beth Israel Hostage Situation

Last night Israel time, a Muslim man entered Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Texas and took four people hostage, including the Rabbi. The services at the synagogue were being broadcast online at the time, so some of the events were seen and heard by people around the world, including the hostage taker’s demand that Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who is serving a lengthy sentence for shooting at two US military officers. be released. Thankfully the hostages were released and the terrorist eliminated.

More facts will no doubt come to light during the next days, but what should be clear to everyone is how the synagogue was targeted because, Jews. There is no other reason at all that the man entered that particular place to demand the release of a fellow terrorist.

During the hostage situation, CAIR National went into overtime expressing solidarity with the Jewish community:

as did Linda Sarsour and her MPower Change organization:

But don’t forget: these are the same folks who held events calling for the freeing of the same terrorist (and virulent antisemite) of whom this hostage taker was demanding the release:

And let us also not forget how CAIR’s own Zahra Billoo referred to “Zionist synagogues” as the enemy (at the same conference Linda Sarsour appeared), and CAIR vehemently defended her. No prizes for working out what kind of synagogue “Congregation Beth Israel” (‘The house of Israel’ congregation) is.

As I wrote at the time

Bilhoo’s speech should be considered dangerous incitement against the US Jewish community.

I see yesterday’s events as proof of this. Thankfully, no innocent blood was spilled. But I fear it is only a matter of time, and if my fears are realized, the CAIRs and Sarsours of the world will have blood on their hands,

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