Antisemitic ‘Project Nemesis’ Targets Yours Truly And Hundreds of Others

My previous post dovetails nicely in to this one; a website called Project Nemesis, which targets Jewish activists and organizations, has finally done a hit piece on me.

What took you so long?

David Lange is an Israeli blogger who runs the “Israellycool” pro-Israel blog. He was born in Australia and immigrated to Occupied Palestine in 2008.

In his blog he promotes Zionist propaganda and it’s considered one of the most active pro-Israel blogs.1 Lange has been associated with online harassment campaigns against Palestinians and Palestine activists in the past. Lange has also a history of using online aliases to infiltrate Palestine forums.2

I would just like to make a few corrections:

  • I immigrated to Israel, my indigenous homeland, in 2000.
  • I promote truth telling and fight hatred of Jews and the Jewish state
  • I am not “associated with online harassment campaigns against Palestinians and Palestine activists” but I proudly expose Jew-haters and those who otherwise support terrorism. Given there is a huge overlap between “Palestinians and Palestine activists” and “Jew-haters and those who otherwise support terrorism,” I can see why they feel harassed. Good!
  • I do not have “a history of using online aliases to infiltrate Palestine forums”, unless you take Richard Silverstein as an authoritative source. Don’t!

Project Nemesis claims:

Israel is not a mere illegitimate occupation, but the result of a vast international network which enables its economic, political and cultural persistence.

We seek to document this extensive criminal network, demonstrating that it is real, and in certain ways, as influential and malignant as Israel itself.

This is Project Nemesis, where we document the Networks of Zion.

While Project Nemesis do not mention the “J” word in their about section, and they claim they do not “blacklist people or entities based on their corresponding race or religion”, there is no doubting their antisemitism. Here are just a handful of examples taken from their Telegram channel:

By compiling this “hitlist” of Jews on their website, Project Nemesis is in essence painting a target on our backs among their army of rabid antisemites.

And who is behind Project Nemesis? They seem to be covering their tracks quite well, but I will continue to investigate.

Update: A call for action:

Update: Ari may have a point:


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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