IDF Warriors Series: Episode 1 – Welcome to the Givati Infantry Brigade

What does it take to become a combat soldier in the Israeli army? How does it change you? Join four Israeli soldiers on their long quest to be all they can be.

This Israeli documentary series has 7 episodes and created/directed by Tomer Levin. In this series and in real time, he accompanies 4 IDF combat soldiers who serve in the Givati Brigade during their mandatory national military service. The four soldiers are Roi “Benda” Ben-David, Ran Moshe, Eviatar Perlovich and Yosef Moloya. The series was filmed in co-operation with the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Watch episode 2 here.
Watch episode 3 here.
Watch episode 4 here.
Watch episode 5 here.
Watch episode 6 here.
Watch episode 7 here.

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Uri Gobey

I document daily events in Israel relating to many aspects and situations. I also monitor Arab media sources and show footage that most Israeli media do not even show. Telegram channel

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