Ellisa, Israeli Christian-Arab Heroine

Meet Ellisa, an Israeli Christian-Arab from a village in the north of the country.

Ellisa has always dreamed of enlisting in the IDF but feared the reactions of those closest to her. She hid the entire recruitment process from her family but she finally told them and was surprised to find out that they were happy and supported her.

For a year and a half she has been a combat solider in the Caracal Battalion and defends the southern border of Israel on a daily basis.

She has one message to convey: “To the Arab girls who want to enlist but are afraid, I want to give you a push. Today my family is very proud of me and I stand behind my choice. To repay the state for what it has given me is a duty, and to protect the citizens is a right.”

Kol HaKavod!


Uri Gobey

I document daily events in Israel relating to many aspects and situations. I also monitor Arab media sources and show footage that most Israeli media do not even show. Telegram channel https://t.me/DocumentingIsrael

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