‘White Supremacist’ of the Day

The website Jew in the City last week reported on an antisemitic incident involving an orthodox Jewish table tennis player:

Over July 4th weekend and into the week following, Estee participated in this year’s U.S. Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s the biggest event of the year that’s held in America, according to Estee, and she’s been playing in it for about 10 years. The top players from all over the country come to compete in tournaments that are broken down by age, ability and singles or doubles.

This year, Estee’s father, Glenn, thought it would be a good idea to pair her up with another top player around her age for the women’s doubles quarterfinals, a main event at the tournament. He called her mother and arranged for them to partner in the weeks leading up to the match.

Estee and the girl selected — who have known each other from around — texted to set up a time to meet and practice at the tournament the morning of their match. Shockingly, that same morning Estee received a call from her partner’s mother verbally assaulting her. “She told me I didn’t look professional and that I didn’t seem to be taking the tournament seriously,” Estee shares. Her father said she commented that the outfit Estee was wearing was “disgusting,” “ugly,” and “embarrassing.” 

As an Orthodox Jew, Estee competes in a skirt with leggings attached that’s meant for working out, and a short-sleeve competition shirt with shooting sleeves that doesn’t inhibit her movement or ability to play at all.

After that, the girl’s mother defaulted the match so Estee couldn’t play. “It ruined the entire day and the rest of the tournament for me,” she shares.

Actually, it was worse; the mother also called Estee a “piece of s–t.” 

Here is the bigot in question: Fei Ming Tong, a former Olympic table tennis star from Taiwan:

If you are tackling antisemitism and think it is only the domain of the far Right, you are doing it all wrong.

*And no, I do not think she is actually a White Supremacist, hence the scare quotes


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media