IfNotNow and Friends Make a Mockery of Judaism (Again)

Imagine if a group of people kept advocating for Muslims to leave Arabia, alleged they were trying to Arabize Mecca, and held a public Iftar meal containing pork and wine. Muslims would be rightly indignant, and this group of people would be called Islamophobic, without question.

Why do I mention this? Glad you asked.

The Havdalah ceremony can only be performed after Shabbat ends on Saturday night after the appearance of three stars in the sky. What they are doing here is actually desecrating the Shabbat. And it’s not even the first time Jewish Israel haters have pulled this stunt.

Andy Levin and his supporters are playing up his Jew-ishness, mentioning that he is a former synagogue president, and generally going all-out cringe.

Yet they held this rally on the Jewish Sabbath, desecrated it, and essentially excluded practicing Jews from attending if they wanted to (granted, no self-respecting observant Jew would support these hateful clowns).

For these haters, Judaism is not a way of life or something to be respected, but rather a mere tool to immunize themselves against charges of antisemitism.

But make no mistake about it, they are antisemitic – as demonstrated by their total contempt for our beautiful religion, which includes not just observing the Jewish Sabbath but love for our homeland Israel.

Oh, and who they hang out with.

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