The Worst Enablers of Antisemitism Are Crying Wolf About It

As I posted yesterday, Israel’s Foreign Ministry accused Twitter owner Elon Musk of driving up antisemitic rhetoric on his social media platform, in the wake of a remark he made against George Soros – before deleting the tweet.

What I did not mention at the time is how many on the far Left were leading the charge of antisemitism against Musk; people like Richard Silverstein:

IfNotNow’s Max Berger:

and other Israel-haters:

Yet funnily enough, when PA Leader Mahmoud Abbas this week compared Israel to a Nazi, these folk – supposedly so concerned about antisemitism – had nothing to say.

In other words, Elon Musk compares Soros – one man who is a Jew in name only – to a fictional villain (who also happens to be a Holocaust survivor) based on his deeds – and these people call Musk an antisemite. Yet when the PA leader compares the entirety of the Jewish state to an actual Nazi, they do not find this in the slightest bit objectionable.

The reason for this is that they are not really concerned about real antisemitism. In fact, at best they consort with Jew-haters and at worst – as is the case with Silverstein – they themselves say antisemitic things. Their concern is in demonizing conservatives and the Jewish state.

As Caroline Glick just wrote in her recent column:

One of the key characteristics of our difficult times is the way in which the progressive left has hijacked language. Among other things, progressives have seized the language of bigotry to demonize non-progressives as bigots while engaging in and promoting bigotry themselves.

“Antisemitism” is one of the key terms that has been hijacked. 

Meanwhile, these are the very people who accuse those of us actually concerned about Jew hatred of “crying wolf” about it in order to demonize palestinian Arabs and their allies. Talk about projection.

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