A Former Palestinian Salafi Radical on Israel’s Fight Against Gazan Terrorists

If you’re a Palestinian, you have little choice but to fall victim to the Palestinian lies and terror you’re surrounded by, be it Hamas, the PIJ, or other terror groups hell bent on the destruction of Israel.

In recent weeks, we had to experience a nation forced to attack in order to defend her own existence and citizens. Palestinian terror doesn’t distinguish between innocent Israelis or even Palestinians; hate and evil have consumed them. We’ve seen it countless times with terror attacks on Israel resulting not only in the death of innocent Israeli civilians but also Arab Muslims. They do not value life because it’s never serves their interests of murder and mayhem.

To them, the destruction of Israel supersedes the value of human life. Hamas and the PIJ are built on the same principles, being servants to the Iranian mullahs, so their interest isn’t the well being of Palestinians – otherwise we wouldn’t see a huge gap in wealth and poverty amongst the Gaza peasants and the Hamas elite.

It’s also evident by how Hamas continues to operate within heavily civilian-populated areas using them as human shields. In the last conflict as many before it, we’ve seen how innocent lives were lost. Children who were stripped of their right to have a healthy childhood, to live and to play, died too soon at the hands of the evil of those who used and abused them for their own agendas.

My heart breaks for the children of Gaza, but they aren’t more worthy of Israeli children who have to live the nightmare of indiscriminate bombardment by the PIJ and Hamas. Palestinian children have been killed by PIJ and Hamas rockets falling short in Gaza, but that doesn’t mean those rockets have not also resulted in the deaths of innocent Israeli Jews, including children, women, and the elderly.

Terror will never be the answer and will always result in the suffering of both sides. No nation shall be blamed for defending itself so why do we always blame Israel when she’s forced to defend her own existence from Palestinian terror? Israel has the right to exist; the right to her own self determination where her citizens have finally settled back on their ancestral land.

Israel has become a beacon of light and peace that has constantly strived to establish peace with their neighbors despite all the hate, violence and terror. They value life vs death, even during a war where the enemy hasn’t awarded them the same honor and courtesy of avoiding civilian casualties. Israel strives again and again to ensure no innocents are harmed, but sadly it’s not always possible, and innocent lives are lost.

At the end of the day, if you want to blame anyone, blame those who are truly responsible for the suffering and death of innocents – Hamas and the PIJ.


ahmad 4israel

Ahmad is a Palestinian Muslim who realized the truth and seeks peace with his Israeli brethren. You can find him on Twitter at @Ahmad4ISRL.

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