Another of White Supremacy’s Finest: Barry Young (Plano Texas)

Meet Barry Young, a 25-year-old from Plano Texas whose antisemitism is as in-your-face as his mutant ears:

According to his LinkedIn profile, Young is a graduate of Texas State University and is a (soon-to-be-ex) salesperson of Sherwin Williams per his LinkedIn profile.

The Texas Observer has more on Young:

In 2017, Young was an intern at Macias Strategies, the eponymous firm of Republican political consultant Luke Macias, who has worked with Jonathan Stickland—the consultant who started a political firestorm after meeting with Hitler admirer Nick Fuentes at his office in Fort Worth on October 6. 

Young was among the neo-Nazis spotted at Torchy’s Tacos and the Cathedral of Hope, where he can be clearly seen wearing a red swastika armband. Young flaunted the armband on Gab under the username “Baby Face.”

“Finally got my nazi drip today,” Baby Face posted on August 30 along with a photo of the swastika armband.

When reached for comment, Young denied he was issued a trespassing warning in Fort Worth. He then said “you can suck 6 million dicks,” referring to the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, before hanging up. 

He sounds like a terrible salesman!

By the way, the place he’s heading, it might not be 6 million, but he’s definitely going to be busy. And those ears will make for great handles.

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