Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Has Arguably Antisemitic Content On Their Firm’s Website

Back in May 2021, I wrote about Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, who describe themselves as “Australia’s Most Awarded Criminal Law Firm.” I exposed how they were posting on their website and social media anti-Israel propaganda.

Over two and half years later, and they are still posting anti-Israel propaganda replete with lies. Except I have noticed they have crossed the line into antisemitism.

Take this article titled Sydney’s Pro-Palestinians Condemn Ongoing Gaza Genocide and the Complicity of Albanese (archived here in case taken down). It not only contains incendiary lies like the bolded parts below:

The apartheid Israeli state continues its two-month-long all-out massacre of the Palestinians of Gaza. The operation, first framed around self-defence and revenge in response to Hamas attacks on Israelis, has long been laid bare as a sought-after landgrab awaiting for a justification to be launched.

In the early days of the mass atrocities being beamed out across the globe 24/7 on every possible device available, a plan to ethically cleanse Gaza, pushing the Palestinians into the Egyptian Sinai, was leaked, which had been doing the rounds of the Israeli parliament and has since been actioned.

Since Israel recommenced the carpet bombing of the Strip, the illegal bloodshed has been as barbaric as when it first unleashed its highest of all technological furies upon the 2.3 million people walled in to 40-kilometre-long Gaza, who’ve been suffering under a 16 year goods blockade.

And grassroots people around the planet continue to pour out onto the streets, regardless of whether governments are trying to criminalise them and falsely charge them with antisemitism, or, as in nations like Brazil, their leaders are now condemning Netanyahu’s operation as genocide.

but it dabbles in antisemitism, like this image showing Bibi with a Hitler moustache AND invoking the blood libel of Jews as child killers:

That’s a twofer.

The guy behind the posts seems to be one Paul Gregoire, “a Sydney-based journalist and writer” who “wrote for VICE and was the news editor at Sydney’s City Hub” prior to this gig with Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

But it is hard to imagine he does not have the blessing of one or more of the firm’s partners and – if not – they are negligent in not checking what is being published.

According to the Law Society of New South Wales Statement of Ethics:

We acknowledge the role of our profession in serving our community in the administration of justice. We recognise that the law should protect the rights and freedoms of members of society. We understand that we are responsible to our community to observe high standards of conduct and behaviour when we perform our duties to the courts, our clients and our fellow practitioners.

Our conduct and behaviour should reflect the character we aspire to have as a profession.

This means that as individuals engaged in the profession and as a profession:

  • Our paramount duty is to the administration of justice.
  • We act competently and diligently in the service of our clients.
  • We advance our clients’ interests above our own.
  • We act confidentially and in the protection of all client information.
  • We act together for the mutual benefit of our profession.
  • We avoid any conflicts of interest and duties.
  • We observe strictly our duty to the court of which we are officers to ensure the proper and efficient administration of justice.
  • We seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings.
  • We charge fairly for our work.

Posting content on the firm’s website that could fairly be characterized as antisemitic would seem to contravene this Statement of Ethics, especially the parts in bold. For instance, imagine being a Jewish or Israel person seeking their representation.

And beyond that, how vile is it to be using your platform to post such things, let alone your professional platform?

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