Tales of Heroism: Yaffa Adar, The Little Old Lady Smiling Around the Terrorists

They were images that were in many ways emblematic of October 7 and its atrocities. The little old woman being whisked away to an unknown fate by bloodthirsty terrorists, smiling and seemingly oblivious to what was occurring:

yaffe adar

She seemed to be suffering from dementia, and the terrorists enjoyed mocking their smiling captive:

Thankfully, the little old woman – her name is Yaffa Adar – was part of one of the hostage releases, and has lived to see another day and tell the world what she experienced.

And it turns out she was not demented at all. She is just an incredibly strong, brave woman who refused to allow the terrorists to think they had broken her.

And if you could erase these fifty days from your memory, would you?

“The truth is no. I think it matured me. But I think I learned something about myself, which I didn’t know.”

Staying power? You knew that.

“I did not know that I would pass 49 days, and I would return as I am”.

What you didn’t know then is that an entire country watched one video, in which you see an old kibbutznik, with a bastard look made of steel. And recognize that in a situation of helplessness – you hold yourself together.

“Thanks to my children. That they know, will see, that I am there for them. I won’t break. Be proud of me, I’m not broken. I told myself I won’t let them break me. I will not give them the pleasure of seeing me scared. I didn’t cry, I didn’t shed a tear.” 

You can see the entire video below. It is in Hebrew, but even those who do not understand the language will be able to see what an amazing woman Yaffa Adar is.

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