Antisemite Fiona Ryan Determined To Make Things Worse For Herself

When I posted about “proud antisemite” Fiona Ryan’s arrest last week, I knew it was related to posts of hers allegedly falling foul of section 12 of the Terrorism Act, as well as the Malicious Communications Act. But I was not sure as to the exact posts.

Thanks to UK Lawyers for Israel – who reported her tweets to police following Oct 7th – we now know. And they are even worse than I thought:

Ryan, who runs a soap making business in Salisbury, called Hamas heroes: On 28 October 2023 at 14.01 she wrote “Many of us DON’T condemn Hamas. These are men who have grown up in a concentration camp and found a way to bust out. They are hero’s” [sic]

She said Hamas did nothing wrong when it massacred 1200 Israelis. On 28 October 2023 at 14.03 she wrote: “Gaza had the right to defend themselves. All the “poor innocent Israelis” harmed by Hamas were on illegally occupied land. Hamas did nothing wrong and the death toll has been grossly exaggerated.”

She also said Hamas had every right to remove Israelis who were living in Israel, and denied that Hamas had killed them. On 28 October 2023 at 15.55 she wrote: “All the people who were allegedly killed (coz there’s very limited evidence many were killed at all, plus eye witness says they were killed by Israel) were on illegally occupied territory. Hamas had every right to remove them, anyway it saw fit.”

These three posts showed that Fiona Ryan expressed the opinion or belief that she was supportive of Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation. UKLFI argues that the messages breach s.12(1A) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Ms Ryan also expressed her hatred of Israelis, and her wish to destroy Israel. On 30 October, in response to a tweet from someone saying that Oman has banned any Israeli aircraft from flying over its airspace, she wrote: “Ideally this will happen globally and the satanists will be stranded.”

On around 30 October in response to a tweet that China has removed Israel from its online maps, she replied “Good. Now we just need to wipe them off the map physically”

Clearly, this is not, as she claimed, just “reposting” other people’s tweets.

Despite her bail conditions including “not to post any social media post that pertains to religion, domestic or international conflict or war on any social media platform”, she did exactly that, including posting the below overtly antisemitic video well after her arrest:

She has also broken another of her bail conditions: “Not to make any new username/s on any social media platform”, given she has set up a new TikTok account following the suspension of her previous one, where she is already posting incessantly.

Note how in this video, she claims the only contentious things she has said have been when she appeared on (TikTok) ‘lives’ of other people – which is clearly not the case. She simply refuses to take responsibility for her own actions.

Here’s another of her recent videos in breach of her bail conditions. Again, she refuses to take responsibility for her hate speech, rather doubling down on it:

Speaking of which, you may recall she launched a fundraiser to help with her legal costs (video since deleted). According to this blog post, she is a notorious grifter, so if it is to be believed, this is just par for the course.

And those going after her for this include her fellow haters:

who are also going after her for BDS-failing:

Meanwhile, you may also recall how I previously posted:

As you can see, this mother of the year was arrested in front of her three kids because she kept them home from school to join her in engaging in some boycotting activities. And she refuses to condemn Hamas or stay off social media.

Yup, those kids deserve better:

I suspect things are about to get a whole lot worse for this antisemitic terror supporter.


18/12/23 13:40: Crimea river.

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