Nasser Mashni and Friends Are The Grinches Who Stole Christmas in Melbourne

We have seen the disgraceful behavior of anti-Israel demonstrators all around the world, and my birthplace of Australia is sadly no exception.

The country that brought us “Gas the Jews” and “F*ck the Jews” demonstrators (yes, they really did chant that, despite what some would like you to think) has also brought us demonstrators who are aspiring to be the grinches who stole Christmas.

Here is what happened on Christmas eve at a “Carols by Candlelight” event in Melbourne:

And this happened a few days ago, also in Melbourne:

They truly want to ruin anything nice for everybody.

And who seems to be the chief instigator behind these disgraceful scenes?

Our friend Nasser Mashni, who released a video days ago encouraging performative “targeted and specific micro actions” beyond their rallies:

I have very little doubt he was either directly behind this or at least encouraged this disrespectful “protest” on this holy evening for Christians.

Like a Christmas tree, Mashni needs to put a sock in it. He and his fellow haters are truly the grinches who didn’t just steal Christmas, but also our narrative as the true indigenous people of the Holy land.

Hat tip: Menachem

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