Darryl Martin, Co-Owner of Barzaari (Marrickville, NSW), Wants All Israeli Jews Dead

Meet Darryl Martin, the Chef and co-owner of Barzaari in Marrickville, NSW Australia. :

Darryl sure seems to love Baklava.

Israel and its Jews? Not so much.

The restaurant itself claims:

We pride ourselves on providing freshly made, quality, nutritious and delicious Eastern Mediterranean, Cypriot dishes. Our menu is derived of ingredients and inspiration from the Eastern Mediterranean region; Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Syria.

which by itself does not necessarily mean he hates Israel. But this is a hint he does:

Note the wording. And what about the Israeli children murdered and captured by Hamas?

Darryl has made it clearer on Instagram where he stands: if he got his way, there would be no Israel, only Palestine. As for the Jewish inhabitants:

Feel free to let Darryl what you think via Barzaari’s contact form about him expressing his genocidal wishes like this (but don’t stoop to his level and threaten violence or anything illegal).

You can also let others know by leaving reviews mentioning his vile comments:

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