BDS Malaysia Throw Ordinary Malaysians Under The Bus

A few days ago I posted how McDonalds Malaysia was suing BDS Malaysia for defaming it in a series of social media postings allegedly linking the fast-food franchise, among other companies, to Israel’s “genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza”.

BDS Malaysia’s initial response was “See you in court!”

They have now followed that up with “It wasn’t us, it were ordinary Malaysians!”

A movement promoting boycotts against Israeli interests has denied initiating a boycott of McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia, claiming the boycott was first begun by ordinary Malaysians.

BDS Malaysia chairman Nazari Ismail said the group had merely supported the efforts of Malaysians who wished to boycott McDonald’s Malaysia.

“We never held any campaigns (calling for a boycott of McDonald’s Malaysia). We didn’t start it. But we supported the movement, we did not oppose,” he told reporters when met at the six-day pro-Palestine gathering outside the US embassy here.

He said McDonald’s Malaysia was suing the group “saying we incited the people (to boycott) and slandered them”. He said BDS had replied to say the group endorsed and supported the Malaysian people’s decision to boycott McDonald’s Malaysia.

This reaction is so typical of these cowards. They won’t buy Israeli, but would sell their mothers.

Clearly, they do not understand how libel laws work. They published the defamatory posts to their almost 20K followers on social media, and those posts were likely shared with even more people.

Here’s hoping they lose a ton of money and their activists end up flipping burgers somewhere. Presumably not McDonalds.

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