PBS Provides Platform For More Tamimi Lies

In a recent story on PBS News Hour about palestinian Arabs describing harassment from Israeli forces over social media posts, “Shirley Temper” Ahed Tamimi’s mother recounts the violence to which her daughter was supposedly subjected when she was arrested:

The soldiers were bad. They hit Ahed against the wall and on the sofa. They were acting crazy because of what happened on October 7.

Given this is a family of professional liars and we have already seen her mother lying before in relation to her daughter’s arrest, I decided to go back and see what she said closer to the time of the arrest. This is what she told Turkey’s Anodulu Agency:

Showing Anadolu how the Israeli soldiers ransacked her daughter’s room and damaged her belongings, Tamimi said they also subjected the family to psychological pressure.

“I could hear Ahed shouting at them from the room they locked me in. They put handcuffs on Ahed very tightly.”

That’s the level of “physical abuse” mentioned – putting handcuffs on tightly. No mention of hitting her against the wall and sofa.

Because it never happened.

It is a shame PBS News Hour did not do their research and discover the truth with a few simple Google searches.

Assuming they wanted to discover the truth.

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