Indigenous Olympic Champion Nova Peris: The Jews Are Indigenous to Israel

Last month I drew attention to Nova Peris, former champion Australian hockey player and sprinter who had turned to championing the rights of the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

She has just come out with a new video that is mandatory viewing:

This morning, when I checked my Whatsapp messages on my phone, I noticed many messages from Australian Jewish friends and even my mother sending me this video. That says it all about how much we appreciate this show of support from an Indigenous champion like Nova.

Meanwhile, if you look at Nova’s Twitter/X timeline, you will see how she continues to speak out for us and against antisemitism.

Nova is receiving a lot of flack for this brave show of support, so please join me in expressing gratitude.

Update: Nova explained to Ben Fordham of 2GB radio in Sydney what prompted her to come out with the video. Like the video, it is mandatory listening:

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