Real Jews vs Real Palestinians


One of the main tactics the BDS Movement uses to hide its underlying Jew-hatred is to point to the few anti-Zionist Jews who support them as “proof” that they aren’t really anti-Jewish, only anti-Israel or anti-occupation. They hold up this fringe minority of Jews as the only “Real Jews,” while the rest of us who support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State are imposters or “fake Jews.”

But like the rest of BDS’s “logic,” this reasoning is only acceptable when it comes to Jews and certainly not when it comes to Arabs, Palestinians, or Muslims. Were a Jew to say that Islamic State are the only true Muslims (given most Muslims oppose it), he would be accused of Islamophobia. Were an Israeli to say terror supporters are the only true Palestinians, he’d be accused of racism even though 46% support suicide bombings67% support stabbings, and 89% support rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. But for BDS to hold up anti-Zionist Jews (a very small minority) as the only true Jews is for some reason considered acceptable.

It would never be ok to attack a Muslim by sending them a picture of an ISIS atrocity and saying “this is the true Islam,” and yet BDS and their blue-and-whitewashing friends at Jewish Voice for Peace Palestine are perfectly happy to do the exact same thing to Jews.

So the next time someone tweets you an image of the Neturei Karta (who barely number a few thousand members), tweet this right back:

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