This is not Ben Gurion Airport. The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014
This is not Ben Gurion Airport.
The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014 – Mahmud Turkia/AFP

So. Farewell
Two State Solution. 

Impractical and
Little loved
Source of
Untold corrupt wealth

Yes. Diplomatic

Gravy Train.

And after Madrid
And Oslo
And Camp David

All it really took
To kill you
Was a single boom

E.J. Thribb (17½)

Yesterday a single, solitary Hamas rocket got through our multi layered defences and landed near our airport. And the American FAA and then the Europeans ran screaming to their keyboards to BAN flights to Israel.

Kabul airpot in Afghanistan remains open. Flights to and from the Ukraine are even largely unaffected (more on this in the piece I’ll link to).

Tripoli is having trouble: 47 dead two days ago in battles actually at the airport (I wonder if they took their shoes off). Pictures from last week show that every plane on the ground when fighting started a week or so ago has been destroyed or damaged beyond flight.

But the biggest casualty is the preposterous concept that the Palestinian people can ever have a modern state within the borders of Israel. That another state could exist in Judea Samaria as it is today is unthinkable. As long as there is the chance that people with the same ideology as Hamas (who cares what Jihadi name they pick next) can come to power on the hills overlooking Tel Aviv and our airport, they can’t have a state.

The entire population of that mythical state, to a man, woman, child and donkey would need to renounce Jihad forever. And we’d have to make sure they didn’t have their fingers crossed behind their backs. As I’ve said before, absent an effort to “de-Islamize” in line with the denazification of Germany, there isn’t a snowball’s hope in hell of trusting these people with what they believe a state should entail.

For a more detailed analysis see Cmdr Dyer writing at Liberty Unyielding. Her piece also links to Alan Dershowitz who also understand that the FAA cutting Israel off from the world is the end of Two States. When The Dersh says it, it must be true. Well done Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama!

Gatestone Institute suggests that the Hamas-FAA move against Ben Gurion – my formulation; that’s essentially what it is – has effectively eliminated any viable “two-state solution.”  Israel can’t tolerate the existence of a neighboring state that can hold the life’s blood of her economy at risk whenever it wishes – especially if Israel’s own chief ally doesn’t back Israel’s interests up, but instead throws in with her enemies.

What Obama has certainly killed with the Hamas-FAA gambit is any prospect of a new “peace agreement,” the Holy Grail pursued with such longing by Kerry.  There is no basis for a substantive agreement now.  Whatever happens at 12:15 EDT on 23 July, the U.S. has proved itself a faithless ally – or, at best, a worthless one, easily spooked and unprepared to back Israel up in enforcing the rule of law against lawless terrorism.

22 thoughts on “Two States For Two Peoples Is Dead”

    1. There can’t be two states in the land but there could be multiple tribe-based city-states under Israeli security but with local administration and policing.

      All PLO and other trouble makers must be expelled.

      1. those are called bantustans and if created will guarantee israel to be considered an apartheid state

        1. By some, yes, by others the

          Israel is already considered an apartheid state by a certain type of creature. How would peaceful coexistence and local Arab autonomy make that situation worse?

          If that doesn’t work, then Kahane was right.

            1. I’m a soppy optimist, I want to give Ishmael one last chance. Foolish, probably, but surely to God somewhere under there is a human being.

  1. As it stands, the FAA issued a 24-hour suspension of US air carriers to Israel. It’s not the end of the world. You’re such a drama queen, Brian.

      1. I am sorry to hear that. I do think the FAA has over-reacted to Hamas rocket fire, but it’s no basis to abandon any hope for a negotiated settllement with the Palestinians. Hope things get back to normal very soon for you and all other Israelis, Brian.

          1. Don’t give up until you reach for the silver cup; you never know until you try (and try again). What’s your solution, smart guy?

  2. Hard Little Machine

    The 1+ solution: Israel + Thunderdome outside of Israel. Wait for the Arabs to kill and eat each other. They’ll blame the Jews for it anyway, no matter what, so we may as well get some mileage out of it.

  3. Hard Little Machine

    The 1+ solution: Israel + Thunderdome outside of Israel. Wait for the Arabs to kill and eat each other. They’ll blame the Jews for it anyway, no matter what, so we may as well get some mileage out of it.

  4. Norman_In_New_York

    Brian’s position is backed by David Goldman (“Spengler”) in an article he published a week ago before the ground offensive began. Basically, he said that Israel will have to govern Judea and Samaria and even Gaza because neither the PA or any neighboring countries are stable enough to do the job. It is a de facto one-state solution.

  5. “Kabul airpot in Afghanistan remains open.”

    that may very well be the case though neither KLM nor Lufthansa nor British Aiways serve Kabul currently. I was searching for flights on the respective airlines’ homepages and I couldn’t find flights to kabul anywhere. Actually Kabul airpotr isn’t even in their system.

    You can proecced to search fro flights to tripoli though for all three airlines I got the statement that no flights can be found as the route isn’t served.

    Of all the three destinations you listed only one is served at all by three major European airlines.
    flights to Israel from Europa have not been banned but suspended and only European and US airlines have suspended their flights, El Al’s services are not affected at all.

  6. steelraptor from Saturn

    Well said. Still too few people are pointing this out, there was a very good satire at the pro-Israel satire site ‘preoccupied territories’ on this very topic a few days ago. But the bigger IMPLICIT picture remains unsaid, because it is so disturbing and scary. And that is this: why was the two state solution ever proposed or taken seriously by the Left and other morons? It’s not as if Hamas only now began firing rockets at us, or only now revealed themselves to be jihadists hell bent on annihilating Jewry. Sure it’s gotten progressively worse from Hamas in Gaza, but they have been firing rockets from the very day we withdrew from there in 2005. We have had two previous wars with Hamas in Gaza, lesser wars but still, why was the two state solution still pushed then? We gave up southern Lebanon to Hezbollah, we had a war in 2006, Hezbollah are still there. If the two state solution is genocidal in effect, and it is, then surely it is motivated by genocidal anti-Semitism. How can it not be? Can we say it well-intentioned, how can a plan that would lead to the genocide of Jewry or mass murder of Jewry at the least, be said to be well-intentioned? It is worse than naive, it is a genocidal anti-Semitism in the name of peace and human rights. In effect. None of these people who have been pushing for Jews to surrender territory to Muslim fanatics support any other people surrendering territory to Muslim fanatics. Also what about all the terrorism and support for Israel’s destruction prior to June 1967, when Jordan had the West Bank/Judea and Samaria. What about the Arab initiated wars before then, including in ’48? One has to ignore all that or engage in a mad double think, as if it is not relevant. As such how are such supporters of the two state solution – in effect – any better than Nazis? Pray tell. Let me emphasize the point that whilst the Hamas terror from Gaza has escalated and gotten worse, it has always been there.

    Why does nobody get disturbed by ‘Jew’ and ‘solution’ in the same sentence? Where have we heard that before? Why does nobody make the connection? I’m not saying it is deliberate to use the same ‘Jew’ and ‘solution’ AGAIN, I am saying it is uncanny and eerie. Why did we not hear about a two state solution from the Sri Lankan civil war that nobody cared about, that would make sense, or any other two or three or four state solution for Iraq, or other conflict zones, only the one affecting the Jews?

    It is anti-Semitic in another obvious way, why is the solution to Muslim extremism to surrender territory to Muslim extremists? This implies that the Jews holding territory is the cause of Muslim extremism, or that Muslim extremism does not exist, the bogey man invented by far Right Zionists bent on ruling the whole Middle-East supposedly. Either way it is an anti-Semitic narrative. And extremely so.

    In other words smart Jews who get it, like Brian, like others, don’t go far enough; that is follow through on the consequences of what it means to advocate suicide for Israel. If people advocate for another Holocaust of Jewry or at the very least mass murder of Jewry – and that’s what the two state solution means – then how are they better than Nazis or Muslim extremists like Hamas? They are not, therefore Obama, Kerry, Jewish Leftists and the like are no better than NAZIS if they have continued to advocate in all seriousness for the two state solution over let’s say the last three or four years or thereabouts.Yet which of us ‘right-wing’ Zionist warmongers (sure sarcasm) actually comes out and says this, or dares say it? Hardly anybody.

    The thing is how could one accuse say Dershowitz of being a Nazi or no better than one? Or Bibi for saying the same thing even if he was insincere or not serious or pressured to say it. He has since backed off big time! Or Sheldon Adelson? Well sure, I wouldn’t call them Nazis! Dupes to an UNCONSIOUS plan to exterminate the Jews then. Or paying lip service to the plan for another Holocaust solution then. Even so!

    Even pro-Israel folk do not address this enough or at all, not only that the two state solution is unrealistic or naive or unworkable, it is much much worse than that – it is genocidal anti-Semitism IN INTENT AND IN EFFECT. Not only now, but always has been.

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