5 Viral Misquotes Anti Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

My previous post, “Top 8 Images Anti-Israel Groups Need To Stop Using” was so awesomely good, it needed a sequel.

Today, I’m going to write about misquotes. It’s fun to quote people. Especially when it’s taken out of context, reworded, or just plain made up.  Then you take a nice picture of the person you misquoted, and superimpose your quote onto the picture. This way, no one will ever doubt you. Seriously. If they didn’t really say that would someone take the time to open up Picasa and type text over a picture they Googled?

#1. Einstein

albert einstein

Just like the last article I’m going to start with Old Uncle Al, the science guy.  Someone took the time to create this eye-catching graphic. Look at Albert’s gaze, obviously thinking of the plight of the poor Palestinians at the mercy of the Zionist (Jews conveniently in parentheses).

No. Just… no. And if this poster didn’t lie enough already with the quote alone, they threw in the map that lies and a BS stat about “Palestinian refugees” to add more lies to the lies.

yo dawg

Yo dawg, is this meme still going around?

Here’s What Was Really Said

Well, if you read my previous article, you’d already know (most of) the answer.

The quote above is a complete fabrication. And once again includes the word, “Palestinian” to refer to Arabs when that was not the case at the time of the alleged quote.

It may have been inspired by a combination of this letter to a pro Stern Gang group, and an open letter which he signed in 1948 stating:

“Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.

Einstein, a Labour Zionist, was always a fan of the Zionist dream, and was even offered the presidency of the new state. He was also critical, and rightly so, of dangerous and zealous Jewish movements that threatened the integrity of the Zionist dream.  As I have mentioned before, he shared many of the same opinions with Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. And it’s not like you’d ever see anti-Israel groups using a quote from David Ben Gurion!

#2. David Ben Gurion

david ben gurion

Wow. What happened Dave? Expelling Arabs and taking their place? You used to be so cool. What with all your statements like:

“We must remember that such rights (to establish a Jewish homeland) are also possessed by the inhabitants already living in the country – and these rights must not be infringed upon. Both the vision of social justice and equality of all peoples that the Jewish people has cherished for 3,000 years… require absolutely and unconditionally that the rights and interests of the non-Jewish inhabitants of the country be guarded and honoured punctiliously.” – Article from 29/1/1918

“If the Arabs agreed to our return to our land, we would help them with our political, financial and moral support to bring about the rebirth and unity of the Arab people.” – Statement to Auni Abdul Hadi, to which Abdul Hadi reacted with “great enthusiasm”, 18/7/1934

Here’s What Was Really Said

This misquote is based on 2 separate quotes:

“We do not wish, we do not need to expel the Arabs and take their place. All our aspirations are built upon the assumption — proven throughout all our activity in the Land — that there is enough room in the country for ourselves and the Arabs.” Letter to his son, Amos, 5/10/1937


“I said that it seemed to me that there was a need to reexamine the entire defense plan. We were probably over-optimistic and underestimated the Arab activity. The effectiveness of a post factum response was questionable: it could be interpreted as an aggression, as fanning the fire, as spreading the disturbances. We must revert to an aggressive defense. In every [Arab] attack, prepare to strike [in response] a decisive blow, destroying the place or expelling the inhabitants and capture their place.” – Ben Gurion’s diary, 19/12/1947

Well, that’s significantly different isn’t it?

The first quote was completely reversed by the removal of a couple not’s, infamously misquoted back in 1987 in Benny Morris’s book, “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949”. And it does seem rather childish to take a quote and turn it into a horrible “not” joke.

borat not joke

Ben Gurion’s head is small not

The second quote was made 10 years later.  Let’s look at what was happening in the region in the days leading up to this diary entry:

Kibbutz Revivim was surrounded by armed Bedouin cutting off communication to all its inhabitants. On December 11, Arabs attacked the residents of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem and 10 Jews were killed in an ambush South of Bethlehem. On December 12, a truck was stopped by an Arab gang who ordered the Arabs to leave the truck while the 3 Jews remaining were shot dead. A Hagana convoy was attacked by the Arab Legion of the British forces killing 14 men. Of course this was not without attacks by Irgun and Stern Gang on Arabs. Keep in mind, Ben Gurion despised these groups.

Clearly, the subject deals with defense measures in the case of an Arab attack. Referring to capturing an enemy outpost and not as the misquote suggests, depopulating an entire village.

 #3. Robert De Niro

de niroThis one has been covered by Aussie Dave and Jono Rose before.

The quote allegedly comes from a Fox interview where he allegedly compares Israel to a rabid dog. (Hmm… where have we seen this before?)

Here’s What Was Really Said

“Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” – Goodfellas, 1990

Actually, he never even said anything close. Nobody has been able to validate or reproduce this interview and De Niro was recently in Israel meeting with former President Peres, so we can only conclude every word of this quote was made up in some douchebag’s head and placed next to a picture of Robert De Niro.

#4. Nelson Mandela

mandelaIf anyone knows apartheid, it’s Madiba. He totally knows what he’s talking about.

Here’s What Was Really Said

“When in 1977, the United Nations passed the resolution inaugurating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, it was asserting the recognition that injustice and gross human rights violations were being perpetrated in Palestine. In the same period, the UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians; without the resolution of conflicts in East Timor, the Sudan and other parts of the world.” – Speech at The International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People, 4/12/1997

Well, he did say the part about Palestinians. The quote conveniently leaves out the part about Timor-Leste and Sudan.

But, here’s the thing about Mandela. He supported everyone’s right for freedom. Not just Palestinians, but Israelis too.

At the same speech he said,

“I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to these Palestinian and Israeli leaders. In particular, we pay homage to the memory of Yitshak Rabin who paid the supreme sacrifice in pursuit of peace.”

In a 1999 interview,

“I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if the Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders.”

Because Mandela is one of those universally liked leaders, who really did help bring his country out of very dark times, it is also easy to forget that Mandela once supported the PLO, and made friends with such brilliant human rights champions such as Colonel Gaddafi, Fidel Castro and Mohammad Khatami.  But he sure looks good in a black and white quote pic.

#5. Menachem Begin


Oh Menachem. How can you refer to Palestinians as “beasts”… unless of course you’re talking about the terrorists who target and attack Israeli children.

Here’s What Was Really Said

“The children of Israel will happily go to school and joyfully return home, just like the children in Washington, in Moscow, and in Peking, in Paris and in Rome, in Oslo, in Stockholm and in Copenhagen. The fate of… Jewish children has been different from all the children of the world throughout the generations. No more. We will defend our children. If the hand of any two-footed animal is raised against them, that hand will be cut off, and our children will grow up in joy in the homes of their parents.”

Many times in the past, in quotes specifically referring to terrorists, anti-Israel groups would twist that to imply they are referring to all Palestinians. This happened most recently to MK Ayelet Shaked when she was accused of inciting genocide against all Palestinians, calling them “little snakes” and killing their mothers, thanks to a July 1, 2014 share of a 12 year old article about an enemy who deliberately targets civilians. Again, a quote, or “share” specifically dealing with terrorists and people who deliberately harm children and civilians gets interpreted as “Palestinians.” I guess it’s a term of endearment to them, because they seem so willing to make that leap.

And so, in conclusion

It is scientifically proven that if you quote a famous person by putting text on their picture, it becomes true. I have therefore created the following picture. Please share it. Because Honest Abe said this. Really. How can you not believe me? It’s in italicized font for heaven’s sake.



Idea credit for Einstein goes to Mike Harris on Twitter.



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