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Israel May Have Colonized the Moon After All

Remember how all those insane antisemitic conspiracy theorists laughed when Israel's Beresheet lunar lander crashed in to the moon, saying we failed to colonize the moon? It turns out the joke's on them.

Revealed! Reason For Beresheet Crash

In case you were wondering

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory of the Day: A Khomeinist Disabled Beresheet With a Laser...

Remember how so many Israel haters claimed Israel was trying to occupy the moon?Another contender for Most Batshit Crazy Reaction to Israel's Failed Moon Landing Attempt has emerged.

Beresheet’s Last Image Shows It Did Not Fail

Yes, we did not actually land as we would have liked (euphemism for crashed), but Israel’s Beresheet did manage to take this amazing photo of the moon right before impact

We Are Doing Space Selfies Now

Israel's Beresheet spacecraft has sent back this “selfie” - and it brings me double pride as an Ozraeli.

WATCH: Liftoff of Israel’s First Lunar-Bound Spacecraft

Israel’s first lunar-bound spacecraft Beresheet successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 3:45 time a.m. Israel time


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