Parody Becomes Reality With Palestinian & Hater Reactions to “Failed” Israeli Moon Landing


As you are probably already aware, Israel’s Beresheet moon landing did not exactly go according to plan, with the spacecraft crashing into the moon’s surface during its attempt to land there. While many are clearly disappointed, I have chosen to take the glass-full approach, recognizing the amazing achievement in becoming only the seventh country to make a lunar orbit, and the fourth country to reach the lunar surface (albeit not in one piece). And how about this for a selfie?

Before the landing attempt, many Israel advocates sardonically made the point that the palestinians would probably claim we are trying to occupy the moon. For example:

It turns out, this is exactly what the palestinians and their supporters (read: Israel haters) did.

More here.

Israel haters and antisemites: they are as lame and unoriginal as they are full of hatred.

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