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Israel-Hater Miriam Margolyes Admits She Wanted Boris Johnson To Die From Coronavirus

Israel-hating actress Miriam Margolyes has once again disgraced herself with these comments about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a Channel 4 comedy show.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Jew-ish Friends Pray for Death of Boris Johnson

Jewdas disgraces themselves again

Jeremy Corbyn Set for Crushing Defeat in UK Elections

Great news from the UK

WATCH: Boris Johnson’s Epic Trolling of Antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson has delivered a master class in trolling his opponent  and known Jew-hater Jeremy Corbyn

WATCH: Boris Johnson Flays Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bound to provide a lot of entertainment!

Boris Johnson’s New Cabinet is the Stuff of Nightmares for Jeremy Corbyn…and Fellow Israel...

Perhaps this is part of the reason why the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to undermine Boris and portray him as some kind of buffoon.

Abbas Laughs His Way Thru London

An astonishing example of double talk

Guardian: Memo to Boris Johnson–Palestinians Have Died Attacking Jews

The Guardian gives the Mayor of London what for, for making fun of BDS proponents.
Boris Johnson speaking in Jerusalem

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Kibbutznik

Who knew Winston Churchill was a Zionist and Boris Johnson a kibbutznik

London Mayor Boris Johnson Treated Like a Dog In Israel

London Mayor Boris Johnson's colorful visit to Israel

How To Spot A Jihadist

Two different approaches to spotting a jihadist


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