Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Kibbutznik

Yesterday social media (and Israellycool) was buzzing with the Israeli visit of the Lord Mayor of London in Tel Aviv. Boris Johnson’s photo biking with the mayor of Tel Aviv and experiencing Israeli hi-tech innovation seemed everywhere. Johnson is in Israel, he admits, for “purely commercial” reasons, to strengthen business and technology interests between Israel and London.

Boris Johnson speaking in Jerusalem

After giving the Inaugural Annual Sir Winston Churchill Lecture at Mishkenot Sha’ananim in Jerusalem, Johnson answered questions from the audience. Former Israeli ambassador to UK Daniel Taub introduced Johnson and acted as moderator. Taub mentioned Johnson had worked on a kibbutz as a young man. Johnson said proudly, 30 years ago he had been a kibbutznik. Maybe that is where he learned to kibbitz (talk) so well?

The lecture on Sir Winston Churchill (Churchill drank, but was never drunk on duty), a Zionist, who supported a Jewish homeland from the time of the Balfour Declaration, was followed by a question and answered period, also informative and entertaining. Notes and text and photos, just did not capture it, so I switched to video. the audience laughed out loud often and appreciated the pro-Israel and positive comments coming from Lord Mayor of London. “History is result of qualities of character,” he said, I’ll drink to that.

In answer to security situation in Israel and in London, Johnson said we must be vigilant against Islamic “twisted ideology” and

finally on newly elected opposition..

Johnson ended with saying, you do not need to be fantastically clever to be successful in politics or mayor, but you need to be like a bull out of the gate.

If you think you are right, never, never, never give in.

What a great ending to positive evening and a huge BDSFail.


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