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Israel-Haters Deliberately Edit Out Footage From Clashes To Paint Misleading Picture

Israel-haters have disseminated a video of "Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian farmers and activists of Faz3a during an olive harvest."

Hypocrisy of “Human Rights Organizations” Exposed For All to See

"I wonder how European and American civilians, the taxpayers who fund this corrupted, violent and shameful system, would feel when they find out about this affair."

B’Tselem Caught In Malicious (And Dumb) Lie

Caught in the act

The Manslaughter Conviction Of Elor Azaria Will Be Used To Harm Israel

What should happen is a worldwide acknowledgment that the IDF is the most moral army

Lethal Journalism Made Simone Zimmerman

Telling our Jewish Indigenous story is the antidote to poisonous lethal journalism.

What I Think About B’Tselem And The Hebron Soldier

B’Tselem are for the destruction of Israel: they’re not pro-Palestinian.

B’Tselem Member Seen Aiding Violent Rock Throwers

Which part of supporting the “human rights” of Palestinians enables B’Tselem to help with violence?

The Jewish Federation Backs a BDS Nini

The Jewish Federation is hot to host BDS-supporting Noa at its Israel Independence Day celebration.

New Israel Fund Jumps Out Of The Frying Pan

New Israel Fund leaps into action casting aspersions and using an electrical fire at B’Tselem to beg for more money.

Matti Friedman: B’Tselem Has Lost Its Way If Not Its Mind

In which veteran journalist Matti Friedman becomes disenchanted with B'Tselem.

Kristof: Running Out Of Excuses

Kristof's explanation for the double standard to which he admits that he holds Israel doesn't hold up to scrutiny

B’Tselem Just Confused Me

Take a good long look. You won't see an article like this from B'Tselem for a LONG time.

B’Tselem’s Pathetic Press Release

B’Tselem have published a call for the release of the three Israeli teenagers

Gay Rights In Palestine? Lets Rename It Imaginistan

I’m told there is a Muslim country which treats gays with as much openness and tolerance as Israel: it’s called Imaginistan.
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